Annelies Nuy: Initiator of the Exhibition "99 Female Artists in the Metaverse You Want to Join"

Exhibition "99 Female Artists in the Metaverse You Want to Join"

As a forward-thinker, I believe this is the right time to initiate the exhibition "99 Female Artists in the Metaverse You Want to Join." In this immersive environment, groundbreaking art by women throughout the centuries is presented, highlighting their ideas, independent development, and survival strength. In this way, all serve as an inspiration for contemporary artists and role models.

The Importance of Art and Culture

Art is not a hobby. It is not a pastime. Culture is the foundation of our civilization. Since the relatively new world of the metaverse lacks such a foundation and is predominantly shaped by men, I see it as essential to provide women with a safe and prominent space to exhibit their work and sell it fair. The art fair not only empowers female artists but also enriches the metaverse with diverse and innovative perspectives, utilizing new tools and techniques to shape their artwork.

ANASAEA Platform

On the ANASAEA platform, artists can create a gallery for free, offering them the opportunity to reach a global audience and showcase their unique talents.

About Me

I am an optimistic and future-oriented thinker, always interested in new technology. As early as 1995, I worked on an online platform for fashion designers with a sales module, a concept not yet understood by my contemporaries. During that process, the prestigious ARTEZ Arnhem, where I studied, allowed me to graduate with a project visualized as a 3-D website installation, though I faced obstacles that we find crazy today, such as the requirement to submit my website on slides to the Fund for Visual Arts! Despite these challenges, I graduated cum laude in 1997. read more