• Annelies Nuy

    Annelies Nuy has a rich background in the arts, with a classical education as a visual artist and an impressive 30-year career as a concept develop...
  • Homeless art by brilliant people

    We support the Temporary shelter for homeless streetart



    In the current corona crisis, the risk of becoming homeless has increased. The biased image of the alcoholic, the freebooter, junk or psychiatric patient is no longer current. Nowadays other problems often arise.

    As members of a creative community, we also experience the risks and consequences of the lack of incomeduring this crisis. That makes us humble and especially curious about creatives among the homeless.

  • Positive Luxury

    Positive Luxury ApronStudio, especially known among bartenders  worldwide for the customized and bespoke aprons,  comes with a new line of on de...
  • Hammersmit Apron

    Special Gift

    (price range apron 225 euro)