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Next, I wanted to operationalize the website for fashion designers where they could sell their items. Looking for investors, I faced skepticism, as many deemed the idea of buying clothes via 'a computer' (sic) as far-fetched. However, the main problem was that all investors were male and obviously lacked trust in female entrepreneurship, especially when it was dealing with technology, like 'the internet'. I now see the experience I had at the beginning of the internet revolution again in the development of the metaverse. It is a development dominated by men with a male vision. And that inspires me even more to this project to offer female artists plenty of space. 

Since 2023, I have been involved with the ANASAEA platform, where qualified professionals support the project. Iconic figures like Peggy Guggenheim and Helene Kröller-Müller serve as great inspirations for promoting and supporting artists. In the immersive space of the exhibition, we find expressive women who have paved the way and made statements for a new generation of female artists.

This initiative also aims to foster connections among women in the art world, both historically and contemporarily, to inspire, support, and collaborate with each other. I receive content feedback from a female art historian, ensuring that the exhibition is both impactful and educational.

The exhibition "99 Female Artists in the Metaverse You Want to Join" is not just a showcase; it is a movement to democratize the art world within the metaverse, giving talented women a platform to share their unique perspectives and contribute to a more balanced and enriched digital environment.