Unique Piece Denim Apron with recycled Diesel jeans
Dutch design apron
Unique Piece Denim Apron with recycled Diesel jeans

Unique Piece Denim Apron with recycled Diesel jeans

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Awareness :

The apron is made of handpicked high end quality jeans repaired en reinforced with #savedmaterials from the pineapple so that the design is perfectly lined up with the parts already applied. Like in this case an ink blue Burberry jeans. Giving an unique combi of two fabrics that would otherwise would have been thrown away.

There is a jeans in every apron and every apron is unique.

Thanks to the selection based on quality, the balance in colour and fabrics, the attention to detail and all the hours of manual labour gives every apron an exceptionally stylish touch.

Every apron takes a minimum of 24 hours to complete in disassembling, washing, ironing and gathering all the fabrics and materials in one dazzling composition.


100% cotton en pinatex

Length : 65 cm

Width: 45 cm

Weight: 325 grams

Shape: oversized

Closure :

the waistband is used and reinforced to reshape it into an ergonomic back closure that supports the hips and relief the back and neck which optimizes the wearing comfort.


wash with care. it is cotton so can be machine washed. However, we prefer handwashed and in case not to spin dry.


Accessories :

In vintage metal combined