The original GOLD 'RepairArtist' Kintsugi kit for professional use

The original GOLD 'RepairArtist' Kintsugi kit for professional use

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We are proud to introduce our unique Kintsugi repair glue.

With this glue you are able to repair broken glass or ceramics.
Use our glue and your broken materials and create your own ( glass ) design.

Sustainable bartending and hospitality
Glass splinters at the sides of expensive cocktail glasses are a common damage.
Until now these glasses cannot be used anymore.
Guests are afraid the glass splinter might be in their drink.
Besides that it doesn't feel okay on your lips.

(To replace such a glass is expensive and not sustainable.)
The kintsugi kit to work with consists of:

A newspaper for the foundation. One tube of epoxy glue (fast drying) good for 10 gluing sessions. A finishing paste to fill holes. A jar with gold powder (non toxic) in an exclusive deep gold color. A brush, usable on both sides. A brush to mix and a brush to create fine lines. A cloth to clean the brush. 2 cotton swabs to remove glue residue. A cotton pad to keep your hands clean.
A QR-code linking to the YouTube channel for an online free class.

What you have to arrange yourself is a (broken / broken) cup or glass that you wantto repair. Total price of this kintsugi do-it-yourself kit is 69.95 euros.