JN091GASFEES 1 of 7 digital file.

JN091GASFEES 1 of 7 digital file.

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Revel in the unique beauty of the JN091GASFEES 1 of 7! This stunning abstract painting features an industrial-style clean look, with vibrant ultramarine colors that will draw your eye. An original artwork you won't find anywhere else, add a statement to any room in your home or business today!

The collection "Gasfees"
The process of making a blockchain, the minting, takes energy.
Energy that is converted into a value in the process.
As a collection it is opposed to myrrh, which is after all also a process that changes and
preserves a structure.
Ultramarine is a pigment and the most expensive raw material for paint. In the image it
represents the value of gas parties where the black stripes represent the pollution.
A sperm cell is hidden somewhere in the image, as a symbol of decisiveness.


This is a generated text with artificial intelligence.

( one of seven)

Digital file.

If you purchase this artwork you will receive a digital file via WeTransfer. 
You have to download this file within 3 days after receiving it.
The file can be used to order a print on papier - with or without a frame. The file can also printed on canvas for a larger size.

The photos in this section are an inspiration for how a work looks in a certain size, and with or without a frame.
We also can arrange this for you, in which case the start-up costs are 25 Euros.
This includes an offer for the desired formats, details and implementation.

The digital file cannot be returned.
Please note: the file can be downloaded, however you have no copyright from the maker. This file t is not a NFT!
The file can also be bought by others with the same rights to have it printed.
This is unlike our original works, because of these you are the (unique) owner. 

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This work is also for sale through our partner. 
Framed in print or as wallpaper with a handy app,
you can see what it looks like in your home.


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