Zeeuw & Schot (case study).
Zeeuw & Schot (case study).
Zeeuw & Schot (case study).
Zeeuw & Schot (case study).
Zeeuw & Schot (case study).
Zeeuw & Schot (case study).

Zeeuw & Schot (case study).

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We proudly present the bespoke aprons made for Zeeuw & Schot Bar and Restaurant on behalf of The Balvenie.

A bespoke apron that reflects the roots of a renowned bartender who has now opened his own bar and restaurant.
It reflects the love for highend quality whiskey, combined with the origin of families of the Scottish clan.
James Chaib is a part of that.

For us from ApronStudio this assigment was a pleasant and interesting learning process to gain more insight into the structure and background of clans and relatives. 

Charles, who is soon to be married and will wear a tailormade kilt, has arranged leftover kilt fabrics to be send from Edinburgh to Amsterdam.
Together we selected the most beautiful diamond pieces and combined these with different types of leather that were available.
Thanks to the Van Es company from Brabant who have been tanning leather for 3 generations in a natural way with old crafts.

Processing and manufacturing is done by two other small family firms.
The technique with a laser cutter makes it possible to realize special designs in small quantities.
 In the assembly phase people affected by a disability were involved.

This whole artisanal 'slow cooking process - just think of the embroidery process with 23 colors - gives an extra glow to the final product.
Hours of manual labor but also fun comes to a glorious result.
The difference between bespoke and tailormade :
On Saville Road a tailor gets to know his customer. Who is he? What is he expecting from his suit? What are his sizes?
Thanks to color, design and cut posture options can be changed.
The colors support the appearance, the material determines the season or the work and the status.
And the details make it personal.

So that's why no bespoke suit is the same, while a tailormade suit is mainly just tailormade.

Material: 100 percent cowhide leather. 

Handpicked environmentally friendly tanned pigmented leather, durable, easy to care.

Length : 85 cm

Width: 45 cm

Weight: 575 grams

Closure : made of 100 percent cowhide and can be removed for washing.  This garantees practical use and tough looks in one.


The leather apron is treated with a water repellent layer.
Stains can easily be removed with a soft damp (water only) cloth.
In case of persistent stains use saddle soap.
For after care you may use special leather balm.
Once a year the apron can be soaked for two hours in Biotex and rinse well afterwards.
Dry in open air and use the leather balm again for after care.

Name or logo on your apron is possible.

The price is just an indication. It depends on the amount / quantity and the prices of the materials.