The art of ugliness and imperfection

The art of ugliness and imperfection is a source of inspiration and a guiding principle in designing these range of dolls.
These dolls are great for children but also for grown-ups.
Never be ashamed anymore for cuddling with this doll and give it enough love to become your best imaginary friend.
Especially in this day and age, when we all have to be careful and keep social distance, cuddling with your loved ones can no longer be taken for granted.
Yet the need is still there.
Babies, toddlers and in fact children of all ages feel this need to connect with a doll and there is clear scientific evidence that there is a positive influence on the development of the brains and the emotional and affectional characteristics.
The great advantage of these dolls is that it helps children to understand that nobody is perfect and that beauty is inherent in every imperfection.
It is our vtask as a designer to transcend this beauty and to create a doll that is a perfect union of reality and human imagination.
These 'ugly teeth' dolls show children of all ages that every individual is unique and that nobody is perfect.
The design of the dolls is gender neutral and based on the famous Rudolf Steiner principle. Every doll is unique and handmade of natural materials.
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This little rascal with ugly teeth who is afraid of nothing and no one is made of a distressed cotton nickey velour.
The look & feel is gentle and soft and has a great absorption capacity for all emotions that might come out in the interaction with this intimate friend.
Length is 20 cm and lightly filled with washed sheep's wool.
Washing only by hand!