Saved Materials

Saved Materials

A process of alchemy is the core of this initiative.

SavedMaterials is an initiative to make something out of nothing.

A new view on products and the process to make products thanks to a method leading to added value

This could be lots of things: products, utility articles, and also for example clothing and furniture.But also meetings for exchange marts. Or for repairs to do or let do.

Similarity: the exchange of knowledge and creativity to give useless things a new life.

This means a lot can be done with just a few means.

From fragmented and incoherent to a lively new economic microsystem.

From art to pret a porter.


Because too much is just thrown away and too many things are left unused without thinking.

To unite people on this theme something new can grow.

A process of alchemy is in this way the core of this initiative. Elaborated in a ‘gesamtkunstwerk’.

SavedMaterials has arisen during the corona lockdown when materials were scarce and we all looked around on our homes to see the forgotten stuff, the mess around us, the clothes never worn again. So we all started clearing our houses from all this useless stuff to recycle it into something new with a new added value.

We re-invented crafts almost forgotten that help us to repair and made new products with our own bare hands.

And it made us happy!