In a circular economy you can gain enormous benefits from repairing used cloting.
And you can also restore it in such a way that you give the item an extra value.
Known is the Japanese technique in which gold is used to reassemble broken objects.
But there are more ways in which you can really add something to an object by repairing.
Just by using a little creativity, experience and craftsmanship.

To repair can enrich instead of impoverish or deteriorate an object.
The scars of the repair are worth seeing. Emphasize it. Be proud of it.
Entirely in line with the Japanese wabi sabi philosophy about the art of imperfection.

And repair also has very practical advantages:
- you don't have to throw anything away right away
- by repairing something that was already broken you always make it better
- the repair as an activity gives a really good feeling
- Noticing a beautiful repair can be the opening for a nice conversation
- you show that you are aware of the environment