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As a repair artist I like to work with high quality materials that have a layering. Because of that they evoke different sensations and radiate an energy that can be felt by anyone who is open to it. Call it a caress or a nurturing. You really feel that it was a garment that was once worn and worn with pleasure.

Now that is still a matter of feeling, but it is already possible to measure the radiation of colors. And there will

certainly come a time when the energy that is then released will be really measurable.
Energy that has been invested by the love of the craftsmen who made it, as well as by the love of the people who worn or used it.

High-quality natural fabrics such as wool and silk also have such a naturally layered energy. Just look at how the colors on these materials vividly shine compared to synthetic fabrics.
Selecting and processing those fabrics contributes to the energy and thus to the richness of the fabrics. Just like the hands that work the material.
The more it is used and the more friction is created, the more energy is released and the more layered the material becomes.

As a 'repair artist' I add one more step. With the moth as an ally. The moth, a formidable natural enemy of vulnerable fabrics, acts as a kind of curator. The moth flawlessly knows how to find the fabrics of the highest quality to indulge in. I repair the holes they cause by stoppage or application using silk from high fashion brands only. That adds a layer to the fabric that already had value, thanks to the label as the expensive, famous, sender that really gives the high-quality fabric a "brand".
The branding is step one, the repair is step two. And one and one makes three as a new enriched result.
It shows how aged the fabric is, what a rich history there is. And that adds value, feel.

That rustic shabby chic from the rich material, the fabrics with a past, I apply in forms that invite to easily cherish.
Precious shapes like a doll where the organic pattern in the face gives the doll its own character.
They are ‘marked by life’, just like us. Tried and tested. Not unscathed.

No one is perfect, we all have our scrapes and scars. Through trial and error. Real and honest, those are the imperfections.
Recognizable to everyone. Because the longer we live, the more life has left its mark.
And that is more beautiful than ugly.

Skin abnormalities such as birthmarks like a port-wine stain and pigmentation disorders or burns can also mark people.
Fortunately, this leads to less and less mockery and harassment and people dare to stand up for their imperfections and show them, without hesitation or shame.
And I too would like to show the beauty of imperfections.

The Characters I make from material so rich in history appeal to togetherness, reflection and friendship in this time of escapism and isolation forced by corona. They are a talisman, a partner in crime for each of us..