Promotional gifts BMW

The bags

The bag is gender neutral, elegant and tough, just like any BMW.

Each product can be personalized with a logo or label.
Each product is numbered and therefore unique and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Our advice is to place a logo on the inside so that the product can be used both formally and informally.
Displaying the logo on the inside is always a rewarding 'conversation piece'.

BBQ aprons

Each BBQ apron has a different print and is therefore unique. This is because there is also a lot of use of residual materials here.
The leather is in itself a #savedmaterial, because no cow is bred for the skin. Primarily it concerns meat and milk.
So leather is a responsible and sustainable material.
The cowhide as used for the BBQ aprons is not tanned, making it even more durable, and also ideal for the barbecue because the fat does not absorb into the leather. In addition, the leather protects the skin from the heat.

The closure of the apron is adjustable so everyone fits. We work with a harness closure so that the support point is on the hips and not around the neck.

Aprons can be personalized or delivered without a badge.

We prefer to place the sender upside down on the bottom right of each apron. It can then easily be shown to people and thus also forms an interesting 'conversation piece'.

And maintenance advice is included.