How does it works?

Very simple!

1) Send a picture of the wall on which you want the work.

2) Make a selection of work that appeals to you on our website.

3) Take a picture of your interior and indicate 4 main colors that you prefer.

4) Give a few key words to emotions that you miss or that you like.

5) Pass on 4 extra colors that you like. (For example, are there memories from your childhood that you can literally color).

6) Please indicate which shapes you like: - Thick and round - Thin and fragile - Tough and hard - Sharp and tight - Flowing and wavy. Plus:

7 ) Motivate your application in 4 sentences. What could your work be about?

Prices are from 250 euros - the start-up phase. The final works vary in price depending on the dimensions: original 450 euros 20x30cm original 650 euros 50X50cm original 1000 euros 90X80cm larger formats framing etc. or print on request