Artwall GOLD (past) and  GASFEES (future)

The Gold collection with counterpart Gasfees
Gold represents value. That is true in all cultures. In biblical history, it is one of the three
precious gifts for the newborn Jesus, the Savior.
But gold, like money, can also have a black side. For example, by the way in which it was acquired. In this series, not all that glitters is gold.
The same applies to how a blockchain is created. It has undeniable value, but the process also involves pollution.

The collection "Gasfees"
The process of making a blockchain, the minting, takes energy.
Energy that is converted into a value in the process.
As a collection it is opposed to myrrh, which is after all also a process that changes and
preserves a structure.
Ultramarine is a pigment and the most expensive raw material for paint. In the image it
represents the value of gas parties where the black stripes represent the pollution.
A sperm cell is hidden somewhere in the image, as a symbol of decisiveness.


Artwall MYRRH (past) and MINT (future)

The Mirre collection with the Mint collection as counterpart
Myrrh is one of the treasures taken by the three Wise Men from the East. Myrrh stands for preservation, but also for death.

The embalming of a body meant to preserve it. Minting is the opposite of this in this exhibition. Minting is processing the computational power
needed to create a blockchain and forever link the image back to its creator.
The collection consists of a number of elusive shapes in strong contrasts. An exchange of forms, some of which tell a story (collage of text), while others represent primary feelings. Like being trapped, ominous, dark, oppressive, solitary.

The Minten collection  with Myrrh as the opposite

Minting is the process required to record an image in a blockchain.
The innocent colors in baby blue and pink suggest a new life. Important data as a kind of
DNA is captured and stored in barcoded sequences in an indefinable landscape.


Artwall INCENSE (past) and MOTION SICKNESS (future)

The 'Incense' collection as the opposite of "Motion sickness"
Incense is divine and takes you to higher spheres. It throws you off balance for a while. If
you let yourself be carried away you will come up with new thoughts, but if you resist it can
make you dizzy.

Motion sickness is a similar experience. Gaining access to the new virtual world can give
you new thoughts, but also literally throw you off balance.
A world of images still to be developed, sometimes fragmented beyond recognition. In this collection you see recognizable flowers from the flower power seventies.
Motion sickness is similar to the experiences of incense. It can throw you off balance. Literally, because the balance organ becomes disoriented and the same effect occurs as with car or sea sickness.

The agreement is a movement and that movement takes you to a new, unknown, world. With all the sensations that come with it.
In this collection, the bars with which different images are linked together are particularly striking.


- How were the images created?
The images to represent the concepts of the metaverse are cut from larger works.
These are divided into small separate images so that it is easier to handle.
The large image is only available digitally as NFT.
- What materials are used:
All works on display at the Acqui Terme exhibition are painted on authentic recycled Italian vintage linen, mostly used for bedding.
So this art collection is sustainable in the material as well as in the execution.
Because the works can be purchased as originals but also as a digital file (no NFT). This file can be printed anywhere in the world. This reduces shipping costs and the image can be custom printed. It is possible from a wall-filling wallpaper to a small print, as part of
an art wall.

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all the art pieces are for sale original (275 euro) per piece or in a digitale file (95 euro)