Annelies Nuy CV

Annelies Nuy, born on December 15, 1960, in Doornenburg, Netherlands, is a versatile Dutch fashion designer, concept developer, and artist, renowned for her significant contributions to the fashion industry and her exploration of abstract art.

She completed her education in fashion and 'new media' at the prestigious Academy of Visual Arts ARTEZ in Arnhem, showcasing a commitment to excellence in both traditional and contemporary artistic practices.

In 1997, Nuy made a groundbreaking move by launching one of the earliest fashion websites, demonstrating her forward-thinking approach and innovation in the industry. This initiative earned her recognition as a pioneer in the digital realm of fashion.

In 1998, she founded FashionForward, a pioneering Dutch fashion platform that included a sales module. This platform operated until May 2002, further solidifying Nuy's influence and leadership in the Dutch fashion scene. Subsequently, she joined the Professional Association of Dutch Designers, aligning herself with fellow designers and illustrators in the Netherlands.

The year 2006 marked a new chapter in Nuy's career when she introduced her own fashion label, "Der Kommissar." Her collections, presented at renowned events like Amsterdam Fashion Week and the Arnhem Fashion Biennale, showcased her distinct style and creativity. Nuy's influence extended beyond national borders as she presented her designs at international events, including Glasgow Fashion Week, Interfilière Evolution Days in Paris, and the first Boudoir Show in Berlin. Notably, she even contributed to the world of doll fashion by designing lingerie for Barbie.

In a significant career shift in 2023, at the age of 62, Annelies Nuy delved into abstract art, introducing her creations in an immersive space. This transition marked a major milestone in her artistic journey, demonstrating her adaptability and willingness to explore new realms of creativity.

One notable aspect of her abstract art is the "Ce ci n'est pas" statement, a playful reference to overconsumption and pollution in the fashion industry. Her art, including bags carrying this statement, has gained global recognition and distribution, with an exhibition at the Gewerbe Museum in Switzerland until April.

Annelies Nuy divides her time between Amsterdam and Milan, reflecting her engagement with the vibrant fashion and art scenes in both cities. Her career exemplifies versatility, creativity, and a continuous willingness to evolve within the dynamic worlds of fashion and art.