Anasaea The Artverse: A Special Women's Exhibition


Currently, a unique exhibition is being developed within the immersive platform Anasaea The Artverse. This exhibition highlights women from history who, despite challenging circumstances, made their voices heard and left a lasting impact.

Historically, women have always had to fight for their place in the art world, and even today we see that men are the first and most numerous to enter the metaverse. Anasaea The Artverse aims to break this pattern and emphasize that female artists also deserve a prominent role in this new digital space.

Featuring a collection of female artists from various movements, the exhibition offers a rich diversity of artworks and stories. Additionally, there is space for contemporary female artists to present their work, with the intention that women will not be left behind in the metaverse.

Discover the power and creativity of female artists through the ages and see how they have transformed and continue to inspire the art world. Join us in Anasaea The Artverse and experience this special exhibition, spearheaded by Annelies Nuy, and help us ensure that women are not sidelined in this new digital frontier!