About Annelies Nuy

Annelies Nuy has a rich background in the arts, with a classical education as a visual artist and an impressive 30-year career as a concept developer and fashion designer. Her expertise extends beyond creating visually appealing designs; she also excels in shaping trends within the fashion industry.

Throughout her extensive career, Annelies has refined her skills in color theory and composition, consistently delivering innovative concepts and designs. As a fashion designer, she has played a crucial role in influencing trends for others, showcasing her keen insight into what resonates with people and makes them feel comfortable.

Annelies's ongoing involvement in developing collections for each new season reflects her almost ceaseless sense of creativity and her dedication to exploring new initiatives. Despite approaching retirement, she remains a force to be reckoned with, displaying an undiminished passion for her craft.

Now, at a moment when she could easily rest on her laurels, Annelies has chosen to deepen her knowledge further. This reflects her commitment to personal and professional growth, demonstrating that the pursuit of excellence is a lifelong journey. For Annelies, the current moment marks the perfect time to expand her expertise.

What sets Annelies apart is her recognition of the power to convey energy through visual art. Her ability to enrich a space with meaningful and vibrant images speaks to her dedication to creating environments that resonate with individuals on a deep and emotional level.

As Annelies embraces this new phase, her wealth of experience and commitment to continuous learning position her as a valuable contributor to the world of art and design. New environments like immersive spaces and AI seamlessly integrate into her latest creations. Her work is showcased online and will also be featured at the Gewerbemuseum in Switzerland from November 2023 to May 2024 in a group exhibition alongside other renowned international designers.