About ApronStudio


We are a highly specialised artisanal company in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Our expertise is designing and producing bespoke outfits for high end bar/restaurant/hotel staff. All build on a tradition of a worldwide wellknown and highly appreciated Dutch design and fashion knowledge.

Our added value lies in connecting the concept of a place with the outfits of the staff, and by doing that communicating the formula to a target audience.

The look & feel as well as the quality and authenticity of a place is reflected in shape, colour, materials and details of the outfits as designed and produced in limited editions by us. This gives every outfit an unique look and a bespoke functionality never to be beaten by any competitor in the branche.

As a result the staff is more motivated, the hierachy is clear and the the management  / our customer is pleasantly surprised by our achievements.

To perform at our best it is necessary to be involved in the process in an early stage of development.

Based on concept, product and look & feel of a place we are able to develop a complete styling of all the outfits of staff members with a minimum of 10 up to 500 pieces.

Our working method is as simple as it is committed : we work from concept to drawing to sample to final product.

Prices vary between 50 and 375 euro per outfit/apron depending on design, used materials, details and quantities.

We also are able to work budget driven.

We produce on a slow fashion philosophy. All materials are non-toxic, also the tanning processes of the leather. Everything is handmade in the Netherlands. The challenge is in recycling/upcycling saved materials. To create a circular economy.


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