"The Future is Female: Quotes from Iconic Women"

25 images of mature women serve as models to inspire a new generation to showcase their work in a relatively new medium: web3D and the Metaverse. This digital universe is currently underutilized by women, and it would be unfortunate if women were once again left behind in the art world, as has so often happened throughout history.

Surprisingly, prejudices also exist in the AI environment. Bold actions are often attributed to men, while older individuals are depicted as dull. By feeding and informing AI differently, we can change these images and create new, diverse representations.

AI currently feels like a conductor trying to perform a classical music piece with an orchestra that can barely read notes. Everyone can create AI images, just as everyone can learn to draw and paint. However, patience and training are essential requirements.

Juni 2024 | Annelies Nuy

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