Leonista (case study) recycled denim recycled leather.
Leonista (case study) recycled denim recycled leather.

Leonista (case study) recycled denim recycled leather.

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Case study Leonista

The new mezcal label Leonista with which we are now collaborating perfectly matches our own values.
Leonista wants to be bold, quirky and contemporary. Like us.
And the mezcal is traditionally made and is very recognizable in taste and presentation. Just like our aprons.

That makes it a challenging and inspiring case for both companies.
The aprons we designed for Leonista are part of our most recent sustainable collection.
Each one is handmade with a branding of the Leonista logo, sometimes embroidered and sometimes lasered on a leather badge.

All materials we have used are residual materials, including the leather, which in the end is nothing more or less than a waste product of meat. And it is also a very sustainable material and nowadays tanned in a very environmentally conscious and natural way.

Our strength lies in visualizing the core of a brand.
And once again it turns out that an apron is an excellent medium for this.
It is wearable, fashionable, it has a high promotional value and an equally high attention value on Instagram.


The  apron is treated with a water repellent layer.
Stains can easily be removed with a soft damp (water only) cloth.
In case of persistent stains use saddle soap.
For after care you may use special leather balm.
Once a year the apron can be soaked for two hours in Biotex and rinse well afterwards.
Dry in open air and use the leather balm again for after care.

Name or logo on your apron is possible.

We need the text in a regular font.

Or the logo in a eps file send to: info@apronstudio.com.

Name is 10 euro in laser 25 euro in embroidery and 15 euro in transfer extra. Price for logo development wil be around 60 - 75 euro.