JN083 Minten Print Framed (1x) 70 X 95
JN083 Minten Print Framed (1x) 70 X 95
JN083 Minten Print Framed (1x) 70 X 95
JN083 Minten Print Framed (1x) 70 X 95
JN083 Minten Print Framed (1x) 70 X 95
JN083 Minten Print Framed (1x) 70 X 95
JN083 Minten Print Framed (1x) 70 X 95

JN083 Minten Print Framed (1x) 70 X 95

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The "JN083 Minten 3 of 8" is a luxurious piece of artwork crafted in a tree silver style, designed to brighten up your living space and bring a fresh and modern vibe to your home. This exclusive and refined art piece offers timeless elegance and is available in the following specifications:

  • (Gallery frame with shadow joint)
  • Dimensions: 70 x 95 cm (Outer dimensions: 90.4 x 115.4 cm)
  • Fuji Crystal Archive glossy finish
  • 2 mm glossy acrylic glass
  • 3 mm Dibond
  • 15 mm profile in black oak
  • 8 cm white border
  • Image optimization: 70%

With these specifications, the "JN083 Minten 3 of 8" is not only a visually appealing piece but also comes with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, making it a great addition to your home decor. Enjoy the luxurious and modern aesthetics it brings to your living space.

This work is part of an art wall presented in an ancient seminary in Italy and is now available as a print.

The exhibition is a multi-layered experience, transitioning from decorative art on the wall to innovative contemplations about the future. Within the six art walls, there is a deliberate contrast between three traditional Christian values and their interaction with the monastery, and three emerging values in the Metaverse, a virtual 3D environment.

The artworks representing the old values exude sobriety, abstraction, and meditation. Annelies has chosen to depict three biblical classics: myrrh, gold, and incense.

In contrast, the new values are portrayed abstractly, in fragments, and left deliberately unfinished, creating a sense of potential yet to be realized. Each art wall comes with its own story inspired by the future: "motion sickness," "gasfees," and "minten."

You can still experience these works in an immersive space by visiting this website: link.

With great pleasure, we would like to share that we are incorporating cutting-edge technology to enhance your experience on our website, allowing you to interact with our art pieces in your own space. All we need from you is a photo of the wall, and we'll seamlessly integrate the artwork at its true dimensions into a mock-up of your living room. If it aligns with your vision, you can confidently proceed with your order. However, if it doesn't quite align with your preferences, we're more than happy to suggest an alternative artwork or even create a custom piece tailored to your specifications. Prices vary based on the chosen material and size, but we're certain you'll be astounded by the possibilities, and we're more than willing to work within your specified budget.
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