Responsable & Regular

Responsable & Regular

Regular price €55,00
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New in our repair service are the repair vouchers.
Regular: 55 euro
For regular and justified repairs.
Such as a loose loop.
A seam of a glove.
Or repairing a small hole.

How it works:
Buy a repair voucher and you will receive
- a unique number
- the address of our atelier in Amsterdam.

Not sure about your choice of voucher?
there are 3 levels: 
Send us an email with a photo of the damaged item.
Think about the money you find it worth to repair.

One more option:
book a repair workshop and do the repair yourself!
All materials and tools are available in the workshop.
Every repair is unique.
Look for more case studies on our
repair chanel or on @repairartist

Requirements: items must be delivered clean. shipping costs
and risk is for the sender.