Workshop Mending and Darning.

The favorites from your wardrobe often wear out the fastest. 

Or, worse, being targeted by moths!
Then what to do? You can say goodbye with a heavy heart
and look for something new that never feels the same.
Or you can fix that favorite item of clothing!

By mending your favorite sweater, jacket or pants you make the moth your ally and add an extra value to your garment, because you create something new, with your own hands and the love you put into it. 

That makes the favorites in your wardrobe even more precious.


Therefore I will give workshops, starting in 2021 when that is possible again, to explain the art of mending and darning and make you comfortable with the techniques to embellish and customise old favorites and transform them into modern masterpieces.

The beauty of imperfection, according to the Japanese 
wabisabi philosophy is the starting point.
During the workshop we will get familiar with
those Japanese techniques but also with crossovers
based on old Dutch craftsmanship.
And I will introduce you to the tools and techniques
used in the traditionally thriving handicraft culture of
Eastern Europe.

We start with two workshops: for beginners in groups
(max 4 people) and for individual participants.
In the group we learn how to repair the fabric of clothing. 
We only work with natural materials such as wool
silk and cotton.
In this workshop you will learn everything about the
different techniques
their advantages, and of course how to use them.
This includes:
- darning
- mending
- repair
- strengthen
- speed weave
- knowledge of materials and colour scheme

You bring your own items of clothing that you want to repair.
Needle and thread, repair materials and tools are available.
And we do everything by hand.

Individually there is the possibility to do a workshop
'kintsugi for cashmere and silk'.

Kintsugi is the Japanese technique in which porcelain is
repaired with gold.
We do the same with gold thread for the recovery of precious materials such as cashmere and silk.

This includes: 
- composing and designing the repair palette
- mapping and designing damage
- determining the size and ratio of the repair patch
- composing a fabric palette - stitching zigzag with gold thread.

The location of the workshops is in the heart of Amsterdam,
just behind Dam Square.
For more information and prices:
send us an email
Please note: this is not about replacing zippers
or attachingbuttons, but purely about repairing
the material and fabric.
What you’ll need

-Moth-eaten or damaged knitwear (hole :bigger the better)

(we work on some test material first)