The Quiet Queer

The Quiet Queer
A series of minimal portraits for those who have a keen eye for it.
No obtrusive images, no large formats.
Who are those almost invisible people? How do they look?
One survives, the other is damaged, a third is tired.
They have one thing in common: a cry for attention.
Attention to people who are forgotten.
This mini installation is about the people who liberated the city of Amsterdam.
Free from prejudice.
Advocates who have made room for other opinions, other feelings, other nationalities.
They have added extra color.
And now, as they get older, another difficult time is upon them.
Because their views and ideas do not fit with the lifestyle of their contemporaries.
Peers who have children and grandchildren they don't have.
They came out of the closet forty, sometimes fifty years ago.
And now, in 2021, they are being chased back into it.
Because, for instance, elderly care is not geared to people like them.
As photographer Erwin Olaf put it when he received the Bob Angelo medal from the COC in 2011:
'We won't let it happen that those who have bullied us in the schoolyard can still have a story in the home for the elderly?'
We must not let that happen.
About the maker
As a designer and repair artist I feel involved in what is happening in the world.
Preferably in my own world.
I try autonomously to shape what touches me there.
Amsterdam 9-December-2021
Annelies Nuy


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