The maintenance of your Pinatex aprons
About Pinatex
* Pintaex is a strong natural fiber made from residual material from the pineapple plant.
* It fits perfectly in a brand where sustainability is paramount and committing to a circular economy a priority.
* Pinatex is non-woven which means that the fibers are pressed and not woven.
* The material is very strong and durable if treated properly.
The aprons as they are now delivered have not been washed.
They have a water-repellent layer on them. The touch is somewhat papery in contrast to fabric or leather, which is also often used for aprons.
* Wearing it makes the fabric a bit more flexible.
* If you want to activate the flexibility, you can wash the apron before use.
I recommend a delicate wash program with soft detergent at 30 degrees and spin at 800.
The higher the speed, the more flexible the material will be, but the stiffness of the material best reflects individuality and innovation.
Please note: the color may change slightly due to washing. The material becomes slightly duller so that the color reflects less.
The color can be influenced by wearing white underneath for a slightly blue glow.
Black brings out the yellow tones.