Home & Art part two

Welcome to Home & Art, where we redefine the relationship between art and home, transcending the conventional boundaries of "art & home." We believe in the power of collaboration, especially with professionals in the interior design industry. Home & Art introduces a groundbreaking concept—a fusion of creativity, customization, and synergy for a truly unique home experience.

At Home & Art, we don't just create art; we craft personalized masterpieces exclusively for your home. Our focus is on the seamless integration of art into your living space, forging a harmonious connection with your interior, furnishings, and overall ambiance. It's not about adding art to your home; it's about tailoring art to your home.

Our interactive art isn't just a visual addition; it's a conscious choice to elevate the synergy within your space. We understand that your home is a reflection of your personality, and our customized art aims to enhance that reflection. It's not merely decoration; it's a story—your story.

Our approach is unique; we opt for "non provenance." There's no existing narrative, so we collaboratively create one with our clients. Together, we embark on a journey to develop a synergetic fictional story, where creativity and empathy take the lead. This is the essence of Homeand.art—a concept that merges art with a personal narrative.

Each piece we create is a testament to the client's preferences, a fully personalized and tailor-made masterpiece. Is it more design than art? It's a question we embrace, knowing that while it may be decorative, it still tells a story—your story.

Art, for us, is not an isolated phenomenon; it's an integral part of your interior, contributing to the unique character and experience of feeling at home. Our art adds value, beauty, and a sense of balance to your space. Whether it's creating harmony or drawing attention to subtle nuances, our art is a reflection of you.

Concrete Implementation:

Start of the Process:

  1. Submit a photo of the wall with dimensions.
  2. Share your taste, preferences, color choices, and the atmosphere you envision.

AI-driven Adjustments:

  1. Collaborate with new AI technology to create a preview of the artwork on the wall.
  2. Adjust dimensions for the desired effect.

Price Determination:

  1. Upon approval of the adjusted design, receive a price proposal.
  2. Production proceeds only upon agreement with the proposed price.
  3. In case the result is unsatisfactory, only startup costs are incurred (starting from 25 euros).


  1. Production begins upon customer approval.
  2. The artwork is custom-made and optionally framed, exclusively for the customer.


  1. The finished artwork is delivered within a few weeks.
  2. Your unique artwork becomes a timeless part of your home experience.

Home & Art—where art and home converge to tell a unique story crafted especially for you.