Home & Art

Home & Art is a new concept for art at home.

It is not primarily about the art, it's about the synergy between the house, the furnishings and the art piece.

What fits best where? So we are not focussed on the usual "art & home". We think the other way around.

We create art exclusively for your home. That is the strength of this concept.

We make 'customized' art. Art that suits you, and the place you live in.

Art that really gives something extra. With our interactive art on the wall you consciously make a beautiful synergy.

A connection with colors in your interior, with objects and furniture. A synergy with the atmosphere in your home. read more ..... The art we make fits in seamlessly with the interior of your home.

It adds value and gives a feeling of beauty. Art is not an isolated phenomenon for us. It is part of the interior and partly determines the unique character and experience of the 'feeling at home' excitement.

The art connects, creates a balance, or draws attention to something like a dissonance in a somewhat more introverted interior.

And it is always about art that in the first place has to do with you. With your preferences in shape and color. Doesn't it become more design than art?

That is a question we often hear and indeed, it can turn out very nicely decorative. But that does not alter the fact that this art form does tell a story.

Your story. As with any good art form there is mystery and tension in the work. A history. In art we speak of "provenance" ("origin"), which refers to the actual history and background of a painting or sculpture.

We, in our concept, opt for "non provenance" in our approach. We know there is no story behind the work yet, so we create that story ourselves! Together with our customers, we realize a synergetic fictional story in which the creativity and empathy of the maker are leading. That's the "and " from Homeand.art.

(link with examples) coming soon

In the end, art is only art if it fits the era, and preferably anticipates it. And this concept is a very clear example of that. It is on demand, it is sustainable, and production only takes place when there is a client. A client who thinks along, which makes the work and the process interactive. Each work is fully personalized and tailor-made, exclusively for that one customer.