Education: Art college: ArtEZ Arnhem

Activities (summary):


Repair Artist Inspirator and initiator of a learning environment focused on recovery instead of creating translated into workshops, consultancy and autonomous art. 

2017- Present

Policy Officer Curation and programming.

2020-2015 - ApronStudio Founder, owner of "ApronStudio" a workwear label. 

Specialized in handcrafted bespoke collections with worldwide brand awareness for an international customer base in high end hospitality. Consultancy, concept and design.

2014-2015 Trustee. “VrijPaleis” Experimental environment for art, fashion and design.

2004 - 2015: DER KOMMISSAR Founder / owner and designer of "Der Kommissar", a label for fashionable lingerie and accessories.

Responsible for concept, design and production.

2003 - 2004: Coordinator of the fashion and textile department of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

2002 (June) - 2003 (Sept.): Fashion consultant working part-time at the Professional Organization for Dutch Designers (BNO).

1999 - 2002: Founding of the first Dutch online fashion platform “Triple F”.

Goal: To build and develop an online sales environment for (fashion) designers.

1999: Award of a government grant for an innovative program for the fashion industry as a result of my multimedia graduation project.

1998: Project manager multimedia company Mattmo.

1998: Program manager Amsterdam multimedia society Baby.

Side activities: 

2003 (April): Jury member for the national Fur-innovation award and responsible for concept and production of the fashion show that went with it.

2001 (September): Initiator of FashionUnCut, a collaboration between TripleF and the professional organization of Dutch designers (BNO), a manifestation in which fashion talent from Dutch academies was presented to a wide audience.

2000 -2001: Member of the Advisory Council for Prince Willem Alexander. Assignment to develop a vision on the role of ICT in Dutch society.

2000: Initiative and production of the website 'fashion community' for the Design Institute.

2000: interactive network designed using the connected intelligence formula for the designers platform.

1999: Brussels Cyber Theater (concept development for events).

1999: Participant in the fashion working group at the Fund for Visual Arts and Architecture BKVB.

Fashion shows :

2010: Invitation to participate in the international New York Fashion Week.

2010: Moscow Digital performance DER KOMMISSAR with Marcel van der Vlugt.

2010: Design Shanghai Digital performance DER KOMMISSAR with Marcel van der Vlugt (opening Shanghai World Expo) initiated by Mattmo Amsterdam.

2009: Berlin Show DER KOMMISSAR Boudoir Fair in collaboration with Mayouri Sengchanh Esmod Paris.

2008: Dubai Show DER KOMMISSAR Burj El Arab.

2007: July   Sunwear Show DER KOMMISSAR during AIFW around the fountain in front of Hotel Americain at Leidseplein in Amsterdam.

2007: February   invitation to participate in the international Fashion Week in Glasgow.

2007: February   Winner for the Ultra Show Salon de Lingerie in Paris.

2007: January   DER KOMMISSAR participation in AIFW.

2006: July   participation DER KOMMISSAR AIFW (Amsterdam International Fashion Week).

2004 (June):    Concept and production final exam show, Royal Academy for Visual Arts in The Hague.

2004 (Jan):   Project management fashion show plus concept and production for the manifestation 'Moving TPG', in the Kurhaus in Scheveningen.




Amsterdam, March 2021