Case studie Monkey 47

We design bespoke aprons for a number of customers and brands.

Case study Monkey47

In May 2017, during the Perfect Serve Bar Show, a nice collaboration was created between us and the trendy gin label Monkey47.
The marketing team of Monkey47 was enthusiastic about our tikiapron and immediately interested in using such an apron for the promotion of their gin.
We had the know-how for this and with our expertise when it comes to designing and producing bespoke aprons, we could make exactly the fabric with which they wanted to positioning their brand.
 The only thing we needed was a graphic print. We translated, adapted and edited on that print until it was a print that was suitable for use on fabric and to fit into the design of an apron.
After some samples, we succeeded with great success and Monkey47 had an epic apron in which print, fabric, design and signature of both Monkey47 and ApronStudio were forged by us into a powerful unit that contributed a lot to the image of Monkey47. A great example of a great collaboration. Monkey47 had an iconic apron thanks to the striking design and the clearly recognizable signature of ApronStudio. We will soon also be making a special design for Ketel One! Keep you posted about that one too-;) Note: All our designs are protected by copyright.