Bespoke Vegan Case Study Concept

We are an Amsterdam based Dutch design studio specialised in bespoke aprons of leather or any other fabric of your choice.
Brands like Monkey47 and Ketel One are among our clients.
For a case studie to test our newest bespoke apron we are looking for a bar to join us in the proces.
Interested? Read on.
Thanks to a new technique we are now able to print fabrics in small editions and to show what is possible we need a show case!
City of our choice for this competition is Vienna bacause the classy vibes of the nightlife of Vienna.
If you would like to have a chance for  ...x... apron(s) for free just send us your logo and in short some characteristics of your bar.
We choose the winner and present the apron during the Amsterdam Perfect Serve Barshow on May 25/26th.
Are you not the winner?
Nothing to be sad about because as a 'consolation prize' we have a  very special offer, only for bars based in Vienna:
10 aprons for only 1000 euro. Including design and logo.*
(this a 50 percent discount on our regular prices).
* Offer is valid until June 30th 2019.
Our starting point is a customized approach of your brandname by using bespoke aprons.
A well designed apron makes your philosophy crystal clear for everyone and your staff wearing the aprons even more proud!
So let us know more about  your brand and the look & feel of your place and we translate this into a print on fabric.
After your approval this print can be produced in a limited edition of aprons, or any other kind of workwear you prefer.
Because of limited quantities the outfits will always be exclusive and surely in demand, not only by your staff but also by your clients and relations. 
So the aprons are both perfect workwear and perfect for your merchandising!
Send us an email to and attach the graphics/logo of your brand so we are able to make you a first draft.
Entirely free of obligation and just to show what is possible.
Just check our instagram @apronstudio for an impression of what we did so far.