07072024 Brief Musea Jaqueline de Jong.

Subject: Invitation to Participate in Global Art Project Featuring Jacqueline de Jong

Dear [Contact Person’s Name],

We are pleased to invite you to participate in a significant global collaborative project aimed at establishing a museum dedicated to the works of Jacqueline de Jong. This initiative is part of the exhibition "100 Women Who Have Paved the Way in Art," which celebrates female artists who have made invaluable contributions and opened doors for future generations of women in the arts. The exhibition is set to debut in the immersive space of the Artverse, a new frontier in digital art experiences.

Art is a cornerstone of our civilization, and as we stand on the cusp of a new web-based world, the Metaverse, it is crucial to ensure that this emerging space is not underrepresented by women. By promoting and presenting the work of female artists, we can prevent a gender imbalance and highlight the vital role of women in the arts.

The "100 Women in Art" exhibition underscores the importance of female perspectives in art and history. It showcases how these artists have not only inspired others but also expressed their unique power through their art. This exhibition will not only display their art but also provide an overview of the art movements they influenced, emphasizing the significance of history in shaping a new era.

As a museum, you can contribute to this project in several ways:

  1. Support the Project: Endorse the initiative and provide assistance for the exhibition.
  2. Content Collaboration: Provide us with relevant content and artworks for the exhibition.
  3. Financial Support: Any financial assistance would be greatly appreciated.

This project is initiated by Annelies Nuy, curator for ANASAEA The Artverse. Various institutions are involved in this endeavor, and we are integrating data and insights to ensure a comprehensive presentation.

Please find attached an update on the project for your review. In collaboration with Euro Modem, we are processing all information to create an impactful exhibition.

We hope you will join us in this exciting project to celebrate the remarkable contributions of Jacqueline de Jong and other pioneering women in art.

Best regards,

Annelies Nuy
Curator, ANASAEA The Artverse
Email: annelies.nuy@anasartverse.com
Phone: [Your Contact Number]